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About Us

Raindrop Window 


Serving the Edmonton area


Raindrop Window Cleaning was founded in 2016.  We may be a new business but we have over 4 years of experience cleaning windows.  We mainly focus on window cleaning, but also do gutter cleaning and power washing. Our customers include residential homes and condos as well as commercial buildings (up to 6 stories high).     

We came up with the name Raindrop Window Cleaning based on the fact that rainwater is pure and clean.  Our specialized water filtration system reduces particulates in the water to 0 ppm (parts per million), which leaves the glass clean and spot-free.  We also use ladders and squeegees for indoor and hard-to-reach outdoor cleaning. 

We are a family operated small business. After cleaning windows for 2 years, we decided to setup our own company.  Julian focuses mainly on the windows and gutters, while his wife, Trish, takes care of much of the office work, but sometimes assists Julian with cleaning windows.

We are friendly, professional, reliable, honest and pay attention to detail. We take pride in a job well-done and happy customers.


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